Verify Eligibility

1. Verify Eligibility

Verify Eligibility

The Clean Vehicle Assistance Program is for California residents who qualify as lower-income. In the online application we verify your residency using your driver’s license. We verify your household income using the adjusted gross income listed on your tax transcript. You can start by checking your eligibility now  or by starting your application.

People in Household*Maximum Annual Income**

*Count only yourself plus any spouse and/or dependents you have.

**Income calculation based on 400% of the Federal Poverty Level (2018).

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2. Secure Fair Financing

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We can help you get a fair and transparent loan if you need one. Our preferred lender, Beneficial State Bank, has committed to providing loans at an 8% or lower interest rate for your clean vehicle purchase. You can also use a lender of your choice, but you must get a loan with an interest rate of 16% or below to qualify for the grant.

Grants do not need to be repaid. The remaining balance on the loan will need to be repaid according to the loan terms. Read more on financing.

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3. Pick Your New Clean Vehicle

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Once you get an approval packet in the mail, you can receive a grant for your clean vehicle purchase. Grants are for new or used clean vehicles and are applied when you purchase the car. Grants for hybrid cars are $2,500 and grants for electric and plug in hybrid cars are $5,000. With the purchase of a battery electric vehicle, you can also get a Level 2 charging unit and its home installation free of charge. Check out available clean vehicles in your area here.

We help you through the process

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Grant and loan pre-approval can be completed in as little as fifteen business days.

Sample Costs and Timeline:

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This is Sofia. Before she applies online, Sofia collects an image of her CA driver’s license. She completes the online application in 30 minutes and completes the mobile-friendly financial literacy classes in 1 hour. After signing the 4506T form to share her previous year’s tax transcript with Beneficial State Foundation, Sofia qualifies for a grant. This process takes about 2-4 weeks.


Sofia applies for loan pre-approval from Beneficial State Bank and secures an 8% interest rate. While waiting for her Approval Packet in the mail, she begins shopping online for a clean vehicle. She finds a used Honda Civic hybrid she likes for $9,000.

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After receiving a loan pre-approval letter, she visits the dealership to test drive the vehicle. Sofia uses the $2,500 grant to purchase the car with a loan of $6,500.

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Her family is happy to be driving a new low-emission, clean vehicle. She builds up her credit as she continues to pay off her low interest loan of $6,500 at $125/month.

Fast and Transparent

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We try to make our process as fast and transparent as possible. Getting into a new or used hybrid or electric vehicle can take as little as fifteen business days. Loan pre-approval generally happens in a few hours when you go through our preferred lending partner, Beneficial State Bank, where qualified program participants can get an 8% interest rate loan or below.

apply online

Apply Online

The first step is to apply online  so that we can confirm your California residency and check that your income qualifies you for a clean vehicle assistance grant. We will verify your residency and income using your tax transcript and driver’s license. Once you are pre-approved for a loan, you can go to a dealership and select your new or used hybrid or electric vehicle.

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Monthly Payments

Monthly payments vary based on the size of your loan and the term length of your loan. For example, if you receive a $5,000 grant for an electric car and a $6,000 loan to be repaid over 4 years, you would only need to repay $6,000 and your monthly payment would be around $125. To get started, please verify your eligibility  or learn more about financing .

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