Our Dealership Network

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We are building a network of hundreds of dealerships across California. Dealerships invited to join our network are franchise dealerships, members of the Credit Union Direct Lending network (CUDL), and independently vetted dealerships. We strive to only work with dealers that have proven to treat consumers fairly; we do not work with predatory dealerships.

If you’re a dealership looking to join the CVA Program network, please read on!

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Who's In Our Network?

Once you’re ready to purchase a clean vehicle, bring your approval packet to one of our approved network dealers and give them the Vehicle Requirements Checklist . You can also direct the dealer to this page.

If you would like to purchase a clean vehicle from a dealership outside of our network, please call us at 1-559-271-1957.

Click here to search for clean vehicles being sold near you by our partner dealers.

For Dealers

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The Clean Vehicle Assistance Program is a grant program for helping income-qualified California residents purchase a new or used hybrid or electric vehicle.

First Time Dealerships

If it’s the first time you’re working with us, you will need to submit the following documentation to Beneficial State Foundation to become fully qualified. Please email us the following information and documents. For a complete outline of requirements, check out the Dealer Instructions.

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Company name and contact person
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Phone number
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Email address
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Mailing address
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Business license
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Seller’s permit
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DMV license

Grant Requirements

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Each approved applicant will bring a Clean Vehicle Assistance Program Approval Letter for you to verify, plus additional helpful documents and checklists. Dealers will also need to provide the following documents to Beneficial State Foundation for each clean vehicle purchased with a CVA Program grant:

1. Carfax Report

2. Mechanic inspection documentation

3. Write in grant amount into vehicle purchase contract

Grant Funding

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We will send the grant payment to your dealership via ACH once we have verified a clean vehicle purchase has been completed by a qualified applicant. ACH processing takes up to 10 business days once we have received all required documentation from your dealership. Vehicles must meet all requirements provided on our Vehicle Requirements Checklist.

Vehicle Eligibility Requirements

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New or used hybrid or electric vehicles are included in our program. Used vehicles must be 8 years old or new with 75,000 miles or less to be eligible for a clean vehicle grant. If the vehicle has been recalled or does not have a clean title, it is not eligible.

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