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COVID-19 Update:

The CVA Program is open and will continue accepting applications during the COVID-19 crisis.  Given the scope of disruption, we realize it might not be possible to redeem a grant within the normal 35-day timeline. As a result, we have extended the deadline to redeem a grant by an additional 90 days for any approved grant applications until April 30, 2020.  Visit our Announcement Page for full details and the most up-to-date information.

Ready to begin a clean vehicle grant application?

The application process can take between three weeks and three months.  It depends on how long you take to complete and submit your application, how many applications we are processing, and how quickly we can verify your eligibility from the documentation you provide. On average, it takes people around six weeks to receive an Approval Packet for a clean vehicle grant, if they qualify.

We cannot guarantee that all applicants will receive a grant. The Clean Vehicle Assistance Program has a limited amount of funding. We process applications on a first-come, first-serve basis. Applicants who receive an Approval Packet are guaranteed funds as long as they purchase or lease a qualifying vehicle within 35 days from the day their Approval Packet is postmarked, and comply with all program terms.

You will have 60 days to complete and submit your application after you start your application. You can create a login to review the application steps and wait to start the application until you’re ready.

Please remember, it is our policy to only provide grants to individuals who have received an APPROVAL PACKET in the mail before they purchase their vehicle.


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