Charging Stations

How will YOU charge your clean vehicle?

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Before you purchase a plug-in vehicle it’s important to know your charging options, and which will work for you.

We partnered with GRID Alternatives to offer you these charging grant options:

A Level 2 charging station installed in your home by GRID Alternatives, up to $2,000 value.

A $1,000 prepaid charge card valid at public EVGO charging stations plus a lower-speed portable charger.

Types of Charging Stations

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Level 1

The charging cord that comes with the vehicle will plug into any 3-pronged socket. It will usually charge a plug-in hybrid vehicle overnight but will take longer to charge a battery electric vehicle.

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Level 2

A dedicated home charging unit that will charge your electric vehicle overnight. These charges use more power, like a stove or clothes dryer, so upgrades to your main electrical service panel may be required.

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DC Fast Chargers

Public charging stations that can charge your electric vehicle while you’re in the grocery store or at a restaurant.

How to Find a Public Charging Station

How To Get a Charging Grant
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1. Determine which charging option will work for you.

To learn more about the charging grant options, read the charging grant guidelines below. Feel free to contact us if you have additional questions.

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2. Purchase your plug-in vehicle.

We recommend you purchase a plug-in vehicle ONLY if you have identified a charging solution that will work for you and your driving needs.

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3. Contact GRID Alternatives 60 days after your purchase.

You will receive contact information in your Approval Packet; please do not reach out to the GRID main offices, as they will not be able to serve you.



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4. Select your charging grant.

The GRID Alternatives EV team will help you redeem either a Level 2 home charger or a prepaid charge card.

Want to Learn More About Clean Vehicles and Charging Stations?

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