Candace Chu

Jose Valenzuela is a 26-year-old college student attending Napa Valley College. When it came time to purchase a new vehicle to take him to and from school, he knew exactly the kind of vehicle he wanted because he had already been considering it for a long time. Jose wanted a car that helped the environment, was reliable, and would help him save money on gas. After researching the different types of clean air vehicles, Jose decided that a plug-in hybrid would best fit his lifestyle. “In order to commute to school, I needed a vehicle that could provide a lot of range and I felt that a plug-in hybrid, with its combination of electric and gas engines, provided the range I needed. It also helps that Napa Valley College has charging stations that are available to students and this could provide the fuel for the plug-in hybrid I wanted.” As a college student, money is tight and purchasing a plug-in hybrid was something that wasn’t within Jose’s reach. That was until he learned about the Clean Vehicle Assistance Program. Jose had heard about a program that helped low-income Californians with grants for clean air.