Important Program Update: Reservation List Status

Wednesday June 29, 2022

Good news, we have received funding from the state of California to begin serving the current reservation list! There is limited funding to serve the reservation list. This does not guarantee you will receive a grant, once the funding runs out the reservation list will close. Participants who were not served a grant this phase may re-apply when the program re-opens and applications are made available again. 

There is no timeframe for when you will receive a decision. Please keep an eye out in your email for a decision, and our website for any program updates. Thank you for your patience through this process. 

If you are no longer in need of the CVAP grant, please close your application HERE or call us to close your application at (559) 271-1957. Remember, once an application is closed, we cannot reopen it and you will have to re-apply when applications are made available again.